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Economic Benefits


Studies have shown that the costs of green buildings are not substantially higher than regular development projects. Higher construction costs can generally be avoided by the inclusion of green design from the outset of the project. In addition, green buildings provide an assortment of economic advantages.

  • Energy and Water Savings: The resource efficiency provided by green design and technology leads to significant reductions in operation costs that quickly recoup any additional project costs and continue to offer long-term savings.
  • Increased Property Values: With energy costs on the rise, the low operating costs and easy maintenance of green buildings make for lower vacancy rates and higher property values.
  • Decreased Infrastructure Strain. Green buildings exert less demand on the local power grid and water supply, stretching the capacity of local infrastructure.
  • Improved Employee Attendance: Green design emphasizes increased natural lighting and control of ventilation and temperature-attributes that improve employee health and prevent absences.
  • Increased Employee Productivity: Employee productivity has been positively related to indoor environmental conditions, and shows improvements where green principles have been applied.
  • Improvements of Sales: Studies show better sales in stores that utilize natural light.
  • Professional Development: As of July 2007, 23 states and more than 80 cities have legislated green standards for municipal buildings.